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Specializing in interior spaces and items for the built environment, Studio Illa is creative studio made up of curious minds who seek innovative solutions to design problems.  They create experiential and human-focused design.

Studio Illa is a boutique design firm founded in 2015 by Josie Smith. After receiving her Bachelor of Interior Design from CIDA-accredited Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Josie spent a number of years working in various industry fields from millwork shops to architecture and interior design firms on residential and commercial projects. Her varied experience displays her curiosity for all aspects of the built environment, and has honed her ability to provide spaces that are broad in scope but focused in concept and detail. Josie is pursuing professional Registration and is a member of IDC (Interior Designers of Canada) and IDIBC (Interior Designers Institute of British Columbia).

Each project is approached uniquely at Studio Illa - every client represents a different design problem with unique demographic needs, therefore each need must be studied, analyzed and problem-solved distinctly. The design process is the same from project to project, but this human-focused approach leads to projects that serve the specific requirements of the group using the space - no two projects are alike. To put it simply, every design-solution only works for the client for whom it was intended, because it was designed specifically for them. This principle combined with a modern aesthetic and attention to detail makes Studio-Illa-solutions meaningful for those who interact with their spaces.